Our outpatient memory care facility offers next-level personalized care and powerful support for those facing chronic cognitive impairments. The Edna Young Gordon Healthy Brain & Memory Center provides real-world advice and solutions. From in-home safety evaluations to our connections to best-in-class research and thought leadership, our Montgomery County-based memory care facility is a unique asset for those managing the changing needs of individuals with cognitive impairment. We work with clients and their families throughout every touchpoint in their care journey, providing real-world advice and solutions for daily challenges as well as ongoing enrichment, perspective, and support.

The Healthy Brain & Memory Center is located at 135 S. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 110, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.

Our Philadelphia-area memory care facility gives clients and caregivers a personalized road map of care.

If you’re searching for a memory care facility near you, the process can be overwhelming. We understand how important it is to set a clear path for managing the day-to-day needs of families living with dementia. Our holistic, person-centered care approach empowers the client, their family members, and other members of their caregiving team to confidently manage living with a diagnosis of dementia. By strengthening the care that surrounds each client, this facility reinforces our core commitment: To elevate the quality of the client experience and to help them continue living a fulfilling, high-quality life.

Our personalized care focuses on the person, not just the disease.

From physicals to home safety evaluations, we look at the whole person and develop a plan that addresses current needs as well as things to consider in the future. Depending on individual needs, this can include identifying ways to make the home safer for the client, arranging for in-home care, and sharing tips and techniques for meaningful engagement and caring for a loved one with dementia.

The memory care facility team creates a comprehensive learning environment.

We make sure our clients have access to recreational activities, such as yoga and art therapy, and for families, we offer educational programs on topics like care tips, keeping loved ones with dementia engaged, and how to manage difficult behaviors. Memory impairment presents its own unique challenges and we recognize the important role that family members play in the care of their loved ones. Our team is here to provide emotional support and guidance. Additionally, our free caregiver support groups offer a valuable place for caregivers to meet others in similar situations. The Edna Young Gordon Healthy Brain and Memory Center maintains an active learning environment by hosting and leading enrichment classes, maintaining partnerships with support groups, and providing the opportunity to participate in helpful events hosted by community partners.

All of our clients receive a full consultative process, including:

  • Coordination with healthcare providers for medical history
  • Visits with an Abramson care advisor and physician
  • If needed, a neuropsychological evaluation and geriatric psychiatry consultation
  • Home safety evaluation
  • Consultation summary meeting that brings the whole team together with the client and caregiver to review and help implement recommendations
  • Post-consultation program with regular phone check-ins and in-person appointments

With ongoing partnership, we walk with you through each and every step and continuously develop new solutions as client and caregiver needs change.

Our outpatient memory care facility embraces clients who are dealing with any stage of dementia; however, we strongly encourage clients and their families to come to us as soon as they receive a diagnosis or have concerns about themselves or a loved one. Early intervention can make a significant difference.

Our professionals bring the strength of experience and the warmth of caring. 

  • Dr. Claves
  • Dr. Fleisher
  • Dr. Malamut
  • Katie Reilly, MSG

Resources available through the Abramson Senior Care spectrum of care.

  • Home Care
  • Hospice
  • Palliative Care
  • Recreation Therapist
  • Short-Term Rehabilitation
  • Medical Adult Day Services
  • Geriatric Care Management

Patient advocacy and training for professionals

At the Edna Young Gordon Healthy Brain and Memory Center we are committed to helping patients, caregivers and professionals navigate the challenges of dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. We partner with professionals throughout the senior care spectrum, including social workers, elder care lawyers and senior living specialists, to develop training and information sessions that promote dementia care best practices to caregivers and elder care professionals. For our calendar of events, please click here.

As partners with the Alzheimer's Association, we offer direct staff training. If you are interested in Habilitation Training for your staff, please call 484.756.8400.