An assisted living facility is a long-term care facility that provides personal care services, healthcare, housing, and other services for those who need some assistance with day-to-day activities. Residents at assisted living facilities also get 24-hour supervision. In Pennsylvania, an assisted living facility must allow seniors to age-in-place and provide appropriate support and care as needs change. While assisted living is an excellent choice for elderly individuals who need some assistance with daily activities, it may be difficult to assess whether your loved one qualifies for assisted living. While many elderly seniors may need some assistance here and there (for instance, lifting something heavy or getting up and down steps), is this necessarily enough to qualify for assisted living?


Do You Have to Qualify for Assisted Living?

While the criteria may differ depending on the facility, where you live, and other factors, generally speaking, certain qualifications must be met in order to enter an assisted living facility. Additionally, as assisted living is designed for adults who need some help, depending on the extent of care required, your loved one may need something more intensive than assisted care. Read below to see our criteria for assisted living.  


Criteria for Assisted Living

Adults who qualify for assisted living usually need help with at least two Activities of Daily Living. Activities of Daily Living include: 

  • Meal preparation 
  • Personal care (including hygiene) 
  • Managing medication 
  • Other activities that an older person must do on a daily basis   

If you feel your loved one could benefit from assistance on some of these activities, an assisted living facility may be right for them.  


Have More Questions About the Criteria for Assisted Living?

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