The city of Philadelphia and the surrounding area has many helpful senior service providers available to older residents – from meal programs such as a local chapter of Meals on Wheels, to senior day care centers such as Abramson’s Medical Adult Day Center in the Great Northeast.  

Abramson Senior Care has a long history of providing senior care in Philadelphia, starting over 150 years ago in West Philadelphia.

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List of Senior Care Services in Philadelphia

Read below to see a general list of Philadelphia senior services. And check back soon as the list will be updated periodically. Or of you’d prefer, you can call us now to speak with someone about finding senior services: (215) 371-3400.

Support & Advice for Caregivers & Family

Health & Wellness Services  

Miscellaneous Services & Information

What Type of Services Do You Need?

While the services listed above are helpful, they may not be appropriate or necessary for every senior. Assessing your needs or the needs of a loved one will help in deciding what services are necessary. Here’s some tips on choosing the best senior services in Philadelphia: 

  • Prioritize Your Needs: Consider what is most important and start there. Is the senior in need of full-time care? Or just some help around the home? The answer to this will help in determining what services are most essential. 
  • Browse Online: Online resources like the one you’re reading right now can be very helpful in figuring out what services are best. We also recommend browsing our senior care blog for more helpful information. 
  • Ask Others: You may be the primary caregiver of your loved one (or you may be looking for services for yourself), but a second opinion is always helpful. In this scenario, perhaps someone else can assist in identifying a need that is not immediately obvious to you. 
  • Speak with an Advisor (for Free!): Read below to learn how you can get free senior advice.


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Have questions about finding appropriate senior services? Unsure what services are best for you or your loved one, or looking for additional services not listed here? Contact a Philadelphia senior care advisor now for free, 24/7. Call now to get started (215) 371-3400.