While there are many different situations in which you may need legal documents, below are some of the most common situations in which legal documents for seniors are a necessity: 

  • You are Selling Your Home 
  • You are Moving to a Retirement Community/Assisted Living Facility 
  • You Have Been Hospitalized 
  • You Are Applying for Federal Benefits 
  • You have Been Displaced. For Instance, Due to a Natural Disaster 

Something that is important to note is that some of the above situations, like being hospitalized or a natural disaster, are things you can not anticipate. With this in mind, it’s important for you to get your legal documents in order to protect yourself. 

Legal Documents All Seniors Must Have

Please keep in mind that this short list of legal documents only highlights some of the documents you should consider. As every person’s situation is different, there may be additional documents you need. Ultimately, we recommend you speak with a lawyer or senior care expert who can assist you with figuring out the best course of action for your situation. 

  • Will: A will outlines exactly how you want your property and assets divided up and distributed after you pass. Having your will in order will help your loved ones avoid issues in the future. 
  • Advance Directive: Sometimes referred to as a medical directive, an advance directive explains what kind of care you wish to receive should you become incapacitated and unable to express your desire for care. 
  • Power of Attorney: This document would allow someone of your choosing to manage your financial affairs in the event that you are unable to do so. 
  • Revocable Living Trust: A living trust is an estate planning tool that provides you with more control over your estate, both while you are still alive and after you pass.  

Have More Questions about Legal Documents for Seniors?

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