Short-Term Rehabilitation Patient at Birnhak Transitional CareSelecting a short-term rehab facility can be an overwhelming process. You and your loved ones may experience feelings of disappointment as you expected to go directly home after your hospital stay. You may also have had only a very brief time to decide which rehab facility to use. And of course, this stress is exacerbated by having to deal with a medical condition.

It is important to emphasize that you have a choice in choosing a medical rehab facility. Question the hospital staff if they do not explicitly state that you can choose your rehab center, and if permitted by your insurance, choose the short stay rehab facility that you are most comfortable with. Remember, it’s your rehabilitation, and you should choose what makes the most sense for you.

Tips on Choosing a Short-Term Medical Rehab

  • Consult Trustworthy Sources: Ask friends, family, and healthcare professionals you trust when looking for a short-term rehab. Also, check out the rehab center's website. You can tell a lot about a facility just by the presentation of their website.
  • If Possible, Visit the Rehab In-Person: This will give you a chance to see their amenities for yourself, as well as observe how the staff interacts with patients. If you are unable to do an in-person visit, look for pictures of videos of the rehab center online. 
  • Talk to the Staff and Ask About Qualifications: If you are able to visit, talk to the staff and ask plenty of questions. If not, pick up the phone and talk to staff members about their qualifications and their experience.
  • Ask About Types of Therapies and Care Plans: Finally, be sure to ask questions about the different types of therapies that are used (don't be afraid to ask for specifics) and ask about the care plan for your particular injury. Is it a personalized plan?

Download Our "Choosing a Short-Term Rehab" Checklist

Are you visiting a short-term rehabilitation facility or have a call scheduled with a staff member? Use the checklist below to easily evaluate the facility. You can either visit this page on your mobile phone during your visit and run through each questions, or you can print the checklist here and use a paper copy of the list to evaluate the facility.

Click Here to Download your Free "Choosing a Short-Term Rehab" Checklist Now!

When choosing a short-term rehab, ask the following questions:

  • Is the short-term rehab accredited?
  • Are healthcare professionals and therapists available seven days a week?
  • What is the ratio of nurses to patients?
  • Are there currently any openings for new patients?
  • What are the visiting hours?
  • How many times a day will physical therapy and/or occupational therapy be provided?
  • Does the rehab facility have extensive experience in treating my particular condition?
  • Can physical therapy be provided on weekends?
  • What does a typical room look like? Will I need to share a room?
  • Are there activities and services in the facility, i.e. computer access, religious services?
  • What is the facility’s rate of re-hospitalizations?
  • What does the staff do to educate and prepare the patient and/or family for discharge?
  • What sets this rehab facility apart from others?

Birnhak Transitional Care Short-Term Medical Rehab Facility

Birnhak Transitional Care Program at the Abramson Center for Jewish Life specializes in a variety of medical conditions. 97% of patients would recommend our medical rehab facility to others. Click the link to learn more about our rehab, or watch the video tour below:


For additional questions or help locating a short-term rehab facility, please call Abramson Care Advisors, free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 215-371-3400.