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Engagement Ideas for Seniors and Caregivers During COVID-19

Engagement Ideas for Seniors and Caregivers During COVID-19

Engagement Ideas for Seniors and Caregivers During COVID-19

Monday March 30, 2020


As we all heed the advice of the CDC and state government officials to practice social distancing and remain indoors as much as possible, it may be difficult to provide opportunities for recreation and engagement for your loved one living with dementia.

The Edna Young Gordon Healthy Brain and Memory Center is here as a supportive resource to provide recreation ideas to do in your own home with your loved one as we remain safely inside right now. These suggestions are accessible using basic technology and do not require leaving your home to purchase any materials. We hope that you find these activity suggestions useful and fulfilling for you and your loved one.

Ideas for Physical Exercise

  • Chair exercise and yoga programs. The Sit and Be Fit YouTube channel provides many short videos of seated exercise programs that you can access. Watch Sit and Be Fit here.
  • Take a short walk outdoors for fresh air and sensory stimulation.
  • Meditate
  • Headspace provides many guided meditations for you and your loved one to enjoy. The Headspace App can be found here.

Ideas for Mental Stimulation

  • Word puzzles (Word search, Sudoku, Crossword puzzles) or small jigsaw puzzles
  • Trivia games such as Finish the Phrase: 
  • Read alud to your loved one or listening to audio books.
  • The websites Audible and Librivox provide access to a wide variety of audio books to enjoy. 
  • Chicken Soup for the Seniors Soul is a collection of enjoyable short stories to read aloud.

Ideas for Reminiscence

  • Spend time looking at photo albums together and talking about the photos.
  • Play “Remember when…” and talk about old memories.
  • Reminiscing trivia games such as “How Many Do You Remember?”
  • Listen to favorite music or play “Name that Tune” with familiar songs.
  • Have your loved one help in the kitchen, as appropriate. Smelling familiar cooking ingredients and spices can create an opportunity for reminiscing.

 Additional Activity Ideas

  • Adult coloring pages can provide a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • A link is provided for free, printable coloring pages:
  • Face Time/Skype with family and friends.
  • Engage in household tasks such as folding towels, setting the table, rolling yarn, or making the bed, as appropriate.
  • Sort items such as socks, playing cards, dominos, or spoons by size.

As always, the Healthy Brain and Memory Center is here to support you and your loved one; particularly at this challenging time. Please contact Katie Reilly, care advisor, for needed support at 484.756.8706 or