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Senior Day Care Activities

Senior Day Care Activities

Senior Day Care Activities

Tuesday March 12, 2019

The most common activities at a senior day care focus on enhancing socialization, cognition, and overall enjoyment and purpose in life. To gain a better understanding of what a senior day program can offer, it is recommended that you spend one day and observe what types of activites are offered. Also, consider checking references as a way of learning more about the adult day care activities. Activities should be well-rounded and diversified so that they appeal to a variety of interests.  

Clients of an adult day center may participate in surveys so that the staff can learn more about personal interests. These surveys will use feedback to learn more about the participant to place them in programs that will benefit them, and will also help the staff develop new curriculum.

An adult day program should offer programs that are both educational and entertaining. Some adult day care activities may involve groups, where others may be more individualized. Some participants enjoy discussion groups where they can share their opinions and hear others’ feedback. Other individuals may enjoy listening to the comments and ideas of a lecturer. These activities are important for socialization and to strengthen cognitive abilities. Other programs that emphasize cognition may include trivia games, while others may be games that test both short and long term memory. One cognitive exercise that is often enjoyed is when the instructor starts with one word and challenges the group to form as many words as possible. 

IMG_9242.JPGMusic and art therapy are also popular, greatly enjoyed activities at senior day care programs. Research has shown that music is retained in individuals’ long-term memories and is enjoyed by most participants. Some participants enjoy singing with a group while others get pleasure from just simply listening. Music is also a very calming activity and often accompanies other forms of relaxation and exercise. Some programs involving music and art therapy can be thematic based on the time of year, a specific holiday or a participant’s birthday.

Adult day care activities and programs contribute a sense of purpose to the lives of participants. This may be previously lacking in some retirees’ lives. Many participants in adult day programs communicate that they have a greater focus and meaning in their daily lives. Socialization is an important part of an adult day care program. No matter if you are talking with friends during nourishing breakfast or lunch meals, or discussing the current events or news, socialization is achieved.

Medical oversight is an important aspect of a medical adult day program and is not offered at traditional senior day centers. Even though it may not be considered by some to be an activity, it is a critical part of the program. Vital signs are checked, medication is managed by staff, and any signs of physical discomfort are tended to when they are first noticed. This aspect is also very important to caregivers as the provision of meals and the management and monitoring of health issues, give them a degree of respite from their demanding schedules.

A well-run senior day center can offer a number of benefits for seniors, helping them to remain safe and healthy.

To learn more about activities at adult day care programs, please click here or call 215.371.3400 to speak to an experience senior care advisor, free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.