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What is Short Term Rehab

What is Short Term Rehab

What is Short Term Rehab

Tuesday July 16, 2019

What is Short Term Rehab?


Short term rehab may be recommended when an individual is recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Patients are typically discharged from the hospital to short term rehab but are not quite ready to return home and assume normal activities and functioning. A team of professionals, including doctors, nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, social workers, and dieticians, will work together to create a comprehensive care plan based on your individual needs. The goal of short term rehab is to help you get stronger so that you can return home as safe and healthy as possible.

What is the Environment of a Short Term Rehab Like?

The environment will vary based on the short term rehab that you choose. You may learn about different short term rehabilitation programs by talking with the social worker at the hospital, getting recommendations from friends, checking online, or, if your schedule permits, physically visiting short term rehabs. While at the rehab facility, you should consider bringing some personal items, for example photos to make your room more home-like. Also consider bringing some entertainment items to help pass the time between physical therapy sessions, including books, computers, iPads, etc.

How Long Do You Stay in Short Term Rehab

The average length of stay in short term rehab is usually two weeks but will vary based on your condition, diagnosis and progress in therapy.

Services in Short Term Rehab

Some of the services that you may receive during your short term rehabilitation stay include:

  • Therapyfeatured-image.png
  • Pain management
  • Nutritional management
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Respiratory care
  • Case management
  • Discharge planning
  • Nurse practitioner services
  • Social worker Services
  • Family, patient, and medical team case conferences

Goals to Consider During Your Short Term Rehab Stay

Your goals will be established at the time of admission and will be reevaluated based on need throughout your stay. Possible goals may include:

  • Transferring yourself from your bed to your chair with minimal assistance.
  • Transferring yourself from your chair to your toilet with minimal assistance.
  • Dressing with minimal assistance.
  • Ascending and descending stairs safely and with minimal assistance.

Discharge from Short Term Rehab

When you meet your short term rehab goals, your care team will meet with you to discuss your discharge. The short term rehab team may suggest that you need home care services to assist you with various tasks. You will most likely be encouraged to continue physical therapy exercises at home. This may be achieved by attending out-patient physical therapy or by receiving in-patient therapy services. Since rehab is a short term process, the rehab goals will continue at home to reinforce your ongoing strength and overall well-being. You will be encouraged to make follow-up appointments with your primary physician and other specialists who monitor your health coverage. Medication management and routine tests are also very important.

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