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Six Gift Ideas for Hospice Patients

Six Gift Ideas for Hospice Patients

Six Gift Ideas for Hospice Patients

Tuesday January 3, 2017

A thoughtful gift for a terminally ill patient can bring them enjoyment and comfort. To start, you may consider what your loved one enjoyed before they were ill and modify it to meet their current needs. If they liked watching their favorite sport while wearing their favorite team’s jersey, buy a blanket with the team’s logo and wrap them in it while a game is on. Gifts do not always need to be extravagant to make a big difference.

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Here are six other possible gifts for hospice patients:

Fleece blanket.

fleece.jpgFind a cozy blanket in your loved one’s favorite colors. Spritz it with a comforting smell like lavender which is thought to help relieve anxiety, agitation, stress and insomnia.

Framed photographs of family and friends.

Being surrounded by loved ones is often the best comfort of all. Photographs also provide the chance for your ill loved one to spend time reminiscing about important times in their life.

Artwork from grandchildren.

child painting.jpgNothing brightens a day like a colorful drawing from a child. Encourage your younger family members to draw favorite memories with their grandparents or write little messages of love. Hang the artwork up on the walls so that your loved one can see them while in bed.

Toiletry items.

Hand creams especially can be a good gift for the terminally ill. Take the time to then give them a comforting hand massage.

Books or CDs.

If your loved one is still able to read, give a book by a favorite author. CDs of favorite music are also great gifts for hospice patients. Music provides comfort to many and hearing is widely believed to be one of the last senses to be lost.

Quality time.

grandmother.jpgNever underestimate the importance and power of quality time spent with your loved one. Whether spent talking or just quietly being together, there should be a special emphasis on bringing love and comfort to the patient’s life.




For information on hospice services, please call Abramson Hospice at 215-371-1369.