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The Benefits of Senior Concierge Services

The Benefits of Senior Concierge Services

The Benefits of Senior Concierge Services

Sunday August 6, 2017

When you are feeling overwhelmed and feel that your senior loved one needs extra support, the answers may seem unclear. However, there are many ways to receive extra help and care for your loved one. One possible solution is to employ a senior concierge service as a solution to your care needs.

What is a Senior Concierge?

 A senior concierge, or a geriatric care manager, can serve as a coordinator or assistant in determining and managing your loved one’s care needs. A senior concierge provides or locates special services which can help improve your loved one’s quality of life. Senior concierge services are diversified and tailored to the individual’s needs.


  1. Home Meeting. The senior concierge can meet with you and your loved one to determine your needs.
  2. Home Visit and Safety Review. A visit to the senior’s home is a critical first step in determining safety needs to help prevent falls,
  3. Enhanced Communication. When determining the senior concierge services that will be used, it is helpful to have both the caretaker and senior at the meeting. Also, it is recommended to involve all decision makers in order to mediate any conflicts and to make sure everyone is happy with the services that will be employed.
  4. Personalized Services. The services that can be used are many and can include medication and/or appointment reminders, transportation, moving recommendations, personal aides and medical management.
  5. Independence. It is often difficult for seniors to accept help. A senior concierge can help make enhancements in care to help maintain dignity and senior involvement.

There are many benefits to speaking with a senior concierge and incorporating senior concierge services into your senior loved one’s life. Talk to a senior concierge and help reduce your worry and feelings of being overwhelmed.

For more information, call Abramson Care Advisors at 215-371-3400. A senior expert is available free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.