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Abramson Center Honors Employees- Recognizes Importance of Retention in Healthcare Delivery

Abramson Center Honors Employees- Recognizes Importance of Retention in Healthcare

Abramson Center Honors Employees- Recognizes Importance of Retention in Healthcare

Sunday October 30, 2016

Recently, the Abramson Center celebrated all of our employees at our annual Employee Appreciation Event which recognized key service milestones. Currently, 422 employees with three plus years of service are employed at the Abramson Center. We recognize the importance of employee retention in healthcare in order to deliver quality healthcare.

Employee retention is not an easy task for healthcare employers who struggle with finding ways to motivate and retain high quality employees in a stressful industry.The aging of the baby boomer generation is emphasizing the need to motivate, retain and recruit quality healthcare employees due to the increased demand for services. It is projected that there will be a shortage in healthcare professionals especially in the senior care industry. According to the Eldercare Workforce Alliance (2011), there will be a projected need for 3.5 million additional healthcare professionals and direct-care workers by 2030. Also, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the next 10 years, it is expected that there will be a 60% increase in employment in the home health care field and a 30% increase in residential care facilities.

The question then remains as to what proactive steps healthcare employers can take to retain high-quality, caring employees. The answers to retaining employees may sound simplistic but it takes hard work and commitment on the part of an organization in achieving positive results. Consider the following suggestions employers must create an environment that promotes growth, including training and promotion opportunities.

  • Employees must feel that they can express their concerns confidentially and that they will be listened to with respect .
  • Staffing must be sufficient. The caregiver-to-patient ratio must be reviewed on an ongoing basis and compared to industry averages.
  • The overall culture must honor employees’ contributions. It is important to foster an environment where employees’ ideas are seriously considered and recognized. Many employees are wary to share their ideas and often feel that they should not offer opinions outside of their specific roles and expertise.
  • Be honest with employees. It is important to discuss facts
  • Recognize that healthcare employees work in stressful environments. Find ways to encourage your employees to find ways to care for themselves and manage stress.

As we and all employers in the healthcare industry face the growing need for high quality employees, it is essential to find ways to recognize employees while striving for high retention and  delivery of high-quality care. The Abramson Center is grateful to all employees for their continued hard work and dedication.