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How Does Hospice Work?

How Does Hospice Work?

How Does Hospice Work?

Wednesday June 3, 2015

How does hospice work: Questions to ask when looking for care


When an adult child, spouse or close friend or family member is faced with the decision to opt for hospice care for their loved one it can be an emotional and overwhelming time. You may be wondering what is hospice care and may be faced with a feeling of uncertainty. You may have many questions about how hospice works, including how to pay, the level of benefits, how to choose a provider and if you are making the correct decision. It may be helpful to speak to trusted advisors including the loved one’s physician, other family members, friends and trusted advisors. It is also helpful to know specific questions to ask a hospice provider. Some helpful questions to ask when looking for Hospice programs include:


  1. Is the program certified and licensed by the state of federal government?

  2. Are the hospice staff trained to provide hospice care?

  3. How large is the hospice staff’s case load?

  4. How does the staff handle emergencies?

  5. What measures are used to determine the quality of care?

  6. Do hospice volunteers provide services?

  7. Is there counseling and support for family members?

  8. Are all health benefits covered by your hospice?

  9. Will there be any out of pocket expenses?

  10. How do you stop your hospice care if desired and/or change providers?


This is an important decision in the care provided to your love one. It is important to be an informed consumer, ask questions and understand the benefits of hospice services. For more information, please call Abramson Hospice at 215-371-1393. The first consultation is free.