2003 Recipient: Barry Gurland, M.D.

Barry Gurland.jpegDr. Barry Gurland is the Sidney Katz Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Columbia University Stroud Center for the Study of Quality of Life in Health and Aging. He also directs programs in geriatrics and gerontology at the Columbia University Medical Center and the Mailman School of Public Health. ​

His peers nominated him to receive the award because he upholds Dr. Lawton's values in his deep and abiding respect for people, his intense desire to understand quality of life for older people, and his development of a cadre of young faculty. Dr. Gurland's work has included an array of research, policy, and practice breakthroughs related to depression, dementia and disability among older adults. ​

Dr. Gurland credits the late Dr. M. Powell Lawton with showing him “the path of intellectual honesty and creativity.”