Related Project: Emotion in Dementia: Its Measurement and Comprehension by Caregivers
Principal Investigator: M. Powell Lawton
Research Consultant: Kimberly Van Haitsma
Period: July 1994 - June 1996
Funded by: Alzheimer's Association

A training video on how to read the emotions of older people with dementia, based on PGC research, is being used by more than 500 organizations in the United States and abroad. The film is used mainly by long-term-care facilities, for training staff; and by Alzheimer's Association chapters, for training family caregivers.

The film, titled Recognizing and Responding to Emotion in Persons with Dementia, shows methods developed at PGC to interpret the emotions of Alzheimer's residents through their facial expressions and body language. The idea is that residents who no longer verbally communicate their likes and dislikes can still express their preferences to caregivers—provided the caregivers know what to look for in the residents' facial expressions and body language.

Production of the video was funded in part by the National Brith Sholom Women's Nursing Home Fund and the Harry Stern Family Center for Innovations in Alzheimer's Care. 

Recognizing and Responding to Emotion in persons with Dementia. (1998). Video produced by the Philadelphia Geriatric Center.  Distributed by Terra Nova Films 9848 S. Winchester Ave., Chicago, IL (800) 779-8491. 

For information about ordering this 25-minute video, contact Terra Nova Films at 1-800-779-8491.