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Promoting Positive Well-Being: A Depression Prevention and Management Program


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Objective Preference Congruence Indicator

  • Training Manual and Related Policies - forthcoming

Building Relationships to Enhance Resident-Centered Care: A Trainer's Guide to an Emotion-Focused Intervention

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  • Building Relationships to Enhance Resident-Centered Care: Taking Care of Your Feelings First and Taking Care of Residents' Feelings 

Individualized Positive Psychosocial Interventions: A caregiver's guide to one-to-one recreational activities for persons with dementia.

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  • Enhancing residents' quality of life through Individualized Positive Psychosocial Interventions

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  • Van Haitsma, K., Ruckdeschel, K, & Lawton, M.P. (1999). "Enhancing residents' quality of life through Individualized Positive Psychosocial Interventions." Psychologists in Long Term Care Newsletter, 12(4), 5-7. 

Interdisciplinary Care Planning: Administrative Manual

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  • A Stimulation - Retreat Program for Alzheimer's Patients.

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  • Van Haitsma, K., Ruckdeschel, H., Mooney, R., et al. (2000). "Enhanced Interdisciplinary Care Planning for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia: Catalyst for Better Care." In M.P. Lawton & R. Rubinstein (Eds.). Interventions in Dementia Care: Toward Improving Quality of Life. Springer Press.
  • Lawton, M.P., Van Haitsma, K., Klapper, J., Kleban, M., Katz, I., & Corn, J. (1998).  "A stimulation-retreat special care unit for elders with dementing illness."International Psychogeriatrics, 10(4), 379-395.
  • Lawton, M.P., Van Haitsma, K., & Klapper, J.A. (1994). "A balanced stimulation-retreat program for a special care dementia unit." Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders: An International Journal, 8(1), S133-138. Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center Palliative Care Program

    Training Manual and Related Policies - forthcoming

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  • Palliative care in the nursing home: An ethnographic study

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  • Hodgson, N.A., S. Segal, M. Weidinger, and M.B. Linde. "Being there: Contributions of the nurse, social worker, and chaplain."Generations, 28(2): 47-52. 

R-E-M: Psychotherapy for treating depression in long-term care residents with dementia.

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    Related Project: 

  • Depression in Dementia: A pilot project to develop a psychotherapeutic approach for persons residing in the nursing home

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  • Carpenter, B., K. Ruckdeschel, H. Ruckdeschel, and K. Van Haitsma. (2003). "R-E-M psychotherapy: A manualized approach for long-term care residents with depression and dementia." Clinical Gerontologist, 25(1/2): 25-50.
  • Carpenter, B. D., Ruckdeschel, H., Van Haitsma, K., & Ruckdeschel, K. (2000). "R-E-M: A psychotherapy for institutional residents with depression and dementia." In C. I. Wright (ed.), Mental health and aging: Meeting new challenges (pp. 18-22). Syracuse, NY: New York Statewide Resource Center for Geriatric Education.

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