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How Adult Day Care Improved My Life


When assigning a name to a senior service, many in the industry struggle with the correct terminology to use. For example, many organizations have stopped using the term “senior” and are now using “mature” or “active” adults. An adult day center may make you think of a place where an individual is “babysat,” in a similar way to a child in a day care. But this thought is far from true! A quality, comprehensive adult day program can have a positive impact on senior mental health by offering opportunities to socialize and activities that challenge the mind, body and creative spirit. Additionally, a medical adult day program adds an extra benefit by helping participants maintain an independent lifestyle, allowing them to age-in-place in their own homes, by offering medical management and oversight.


            As individuals age, isolation, relationship losses, and chronic illnesses may contribute to mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and adjustment problems. Studies prove that having a new purpose in life, which may include socialization and cognitive challenges, and being surrounded by caring individuals is a beneficial way to address many concerns related to senior mental health and aging.


 In Their Own Words


            If you think an adult day program would be helpful for you or your loved one, it is always important to visit a center, check references, and interview staff and participants. All participants will have their own viewpoints based on their experiences and reasons why they attend a medical adult day center. Some participants at the Abramson Medical Adult Day Center offer a glimpse into what a day program can offer. According to Susan, “I’m doing more than I ever did in my life. I never knew that I had the creative ability and talent to paint.” Susan also states that she enjoys helping others and doing volunteer work. Florence felt that she is more open about herself and now realizes that she can create and make gifts for others. Medical adult day care can also reduce loneliness and add a reason for getting up each morning. Bill says “The center is a G-D send. We do many different things that I wouldn’t do if it wasn’t for Medical Adult Day Care.” Developing a new group of friends is also a benefit. Karen reinforces this point, “I feel connected to the staff and the other people that attend,” she says.


            Seniors may receive many benefits by attending a medical adult day center. As more seniors choose to live independently, there will be an increased need to ensure safety and a high-quality lifestyle. A medical adult day center can help with developing purpose, contribute to a reduction in senior mental health concerns, and ensure that overall health needs, including medical management, are promptly taken care of.      


            For more information on adult day centers, please call Abramson Care Advisors at 215-371-3400. A senior care expert is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.