At Abramson Senior Care, we put our hearts and souls into providing seniors and their families with high-quality, personalized care. Below are what some of our families have to say about their care.

Abramson Senior Care Hospice

As a former healthcare professional, Debra Heavens knew exactly what she was looking for when selecting hospice care for her mother, Margaret. Debra applauds the Abramson Hospice staff for providing excellent care and keeping an open line of communication at all times.

“The Abramson Hospice team provided support for my father and my family in a loving manner. They provided a care plan that met all his individual needs. Their compassion, along with their professionalism is phenomenal.” - Ann S.

“I hold the nurses and social workers in such high regard. My sister and I felt reassured that mom had the best of care through the end. If someone is looking for Hospice care I would highly recommend Abramson. The Jewish affiliation made mom feel more comfortable." - Alan G.


Lila H. Levin Palliative Care Program

When Joan and Burton Cohan needed assistance managing the symptoms of Burton's Alzheimer's and macular degeneration diagnoses, they reached out to Abramson Senior Care's Lila H. Levin Palliative Care Program. With a personalized care plan in place, Burton receives the medical attention and support he needs and Joan is supported on her caregiving journey.


Abramson Senior Care Home Care

At 104 years old, Bobbie Rose still loves to play golf. But after a hospital stay and a stint at Birnhak Transitional Care, she needed some assistance at home. Bobbi's daughter, Bonnie George, is glad that they chose Abramson Home Care to help her mother continue on her recovery.

“I reached out to Abramson Home Care after a hospitalization. My home care aide, Anna, helped me with the things that most of us take for granted. She was wonderfully encouraging and helpful." - Flossie A.

“Mom was a bit reluctant to accept help at home. She was very capable, not your average 104-year-old. Mom went from saying “I don’t need anybody… to really enjoying having them there. That’s the highest praise you can have." - Bonnie G.

“I am so grateful knowing someone is there to help mom and be there for her. Mom lives with us, but it is reassuring to have an extra pair of hands and someone caring for her and looking after her. The Abramson staff helps to bathe and dress mom and spend time talking to her. It becomes a personal and intimate relationship, and the aides are so kind and caring. It is so great to have the home care staff act as another pair of eyes and hands to help." - Gina T.


Our Full Spectrum of Care

"Words cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for Abramson’s Healthy Brain and Memory Center, home care and hospice for my mother. Not only were they able to give us an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, they culminated resources and strategies so that she was cared for along the journey. With applicable medical equipment, skilled nursing and hospice, she received the dignity and compassion that she deserved. Knowing that our family had support, gave us the ability to be with mom and not have to worry about the rest.

The nursing, clergy and social work teams prepared us to cope for the tough days ahead. Knowing that we had their encouragement along the way, made things a little less painful so that we could concentrate on our last days with mom. The constant communication between our family and Abramson’s staff, kept us all on the same page as we collaborated on each stage of her illness.

I have and will continue to recommend Abramson Senior Care for working with seniors and fragile adults. I could not ask for a better group of people to take care of my mom. They are truly the best!" - Hope Kirschner

“Abramson Senior Care is an incredible community. The staff were so dependable. They were my eyes and ears for my dad’s care." - Iris R.

“Abramson takes care of seniors. They work very hard. That’s how you repair the world. You make places safe for seniors that aren’t well. That’s Tikkun Olam." - Sandy B.

“If there is a word more powerful than grateful, than that is how I feel. I am so THANKFUL! Thank G-d I have Abramson! They are beyond helpful for me and my husband and for the community. The programs and specials services they offer to families are wonderful. We are in awe of the staff. Their attitude, sincerity and compassion of the staff shows through in everything they do. They try to help in every way. They are most positive and professional. The extension of warmth and friendship comes through and is always present. The staff takes the time to really get to know you. They know who my husband and I are as a couple and as individuals and they know what makes us tick. It means so much to me that they took the time to know our background. It really matters to me, and it is so deeply appreciated." - Joan C.

Edna Young Gordon Healthy Brain and Memory Center

“The Healthy Brain and Memory Center (HMBC) has been a godsend! Katie is amazing! COVID was taking its toll on my mother, but once I contacted HBMC, they took the bull by the horns and came out to evaluate my mother right away. They had a whole team of people to help mom, everything from psychological evaluations, appropriate medications to nursing and home care. Katie even made mom’s appointments. It was such a tough time for me and mom, but they guided us through. Because of  Abramson Senior Care and their staff there is a weight off my shoulders. I can sleep at night and don’t worry about mom as much." - Allen S.

Grateful Family Program

If you and your family want to express appreciation for the positive difference the Abramson Senior Care team has made in your lives, the Grateful Family Program is a way to do just that. Participating in the Grateful Family Program is a meaningful way to show your gratitude while support Abramson Senior Care's crucial work.